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Mauritius - The strategic Bridge in India-Africa Economic Partnership

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The economic ties between India and Africa have been flourishing in recent years, greatly driven by shared interests and the desire to foster trade, investment, and cooperation. Mauritius, a small island nation, is at the heart of this growing partnership. Given its strategic position in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has played a pivotal role in facilitating and strengthening the economic relations between India and Africa. We are going to explore the key aspects of Mauritius’ strategic role and its contribution to this partnership.

The Gateway to Africa:

The unique geographical location of Mauritius serves as a natural gateway for Indian businesses looking to expand their presence in the African market. Its proximity to Africa’s eastern coast makes it an ideal point of departure for Indian companies seeking to explore new opportunities across the continent. The country’s business-friendly environment creates a favorable access to African markets for Indian businesses.

Double taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)

One of the cornerstones of the India-Africa economic partnership is the facilitation of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) in Mauritius. The bilateral tax treaty between India and Mauritius allows investors to avoid double taxation on income generated in both countries. This has been instrumental in promoting investment flows between India and Africa, as it provides a tax-efficient route for Indian investors in African markets through Mauritius.

Financial Center and Investment facilitator:

Throughout the years, Mauritius has emerged as a robust financial services hub, offering a well-regulated banking system, capital markets, and investment funds. Its reputation as an investment facilitator has attracted foreign direct investment into Africa, with many Indian companies using Mauritius as a gateway to African markets.

Capacity building and Skill Transfer:

Mauritius offers numerous training programs and educational opportunities, recognizing the importance of human resource development. Numerous training programs and educational opportunities for African professionals and students. Collaboration with Indian institutions, has enabled Mauritius to facilitate skill transfer and knowledge-sharing, thus strengthening the human capital in Africa. This contributes to the overall economic development of the region and enhances the intellectual expertise required for India-Africa economic collaboration.

Cultural and Historical Ties:

Beyond its strategic location and economic advantages, Mauritius shares cultural and historical ties with both India and Africa. With a substantial population of Indian African origins, our island fosters a sense of familiarity and understanding between Indian and African communities. These cultural connections act as a valuable catalyst in nurturing friendly relations and cooperation in various sectors.

How has this benefitted INLEX IP EXPERTISE?

Over time, INLEX IP EXPERTISE? has leveraged this unique advantage and expanded its reach to the African market. Being an Intellectual Property law firm, we can access both the African and Indian markets and open opportunities for growth, partnerships, and increased revenue streams. The DTAA helps us to optimize the tax planning and reduce liabilities, thus enhancing overall profitability. As a financial hub with well-regulated systems, Mauritius attracts FDI flows, therefore attracting potential investors leading to increased capital and resources to support its operations and expansion. We have the capacity building and intellectual resources, mixed with cultural heritage, thus defining our multicultural team that can provide an efficient communication with people in Africa and India.

INLEX IP EXPERTISE accompanies several traders from India in investing and protecting their IP rights in Africa, a continent continuously emerging given its multiple economic benefits. Our Team takes pride in their ability to manage significant trademark portfolios across Africa for a wide range of consumer products which are exported into Africa to meet their growing demands. Ranging from trademark registrations to IPRs with the Food/Drugs relevant authorities to anti-counterfeit matters, our Team is well versed to provide you with full-fledged services for IP protection across Africa.

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