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The Africa Partnership Conference 2023: Unlocking Africa’s Potential - Mauritius

In just three days, on October 2nd, 2023, a significant event will take the center stage in the world of business and investment, in Mauritius. The Africa Partnership Conference, with its theme “Unity in Partnership: Enabling Sustainable & Inclusive Investment,” promises to be a game-changer in harnessing the enormous potential that the African continent holds.

When: 2nd and 3rd October 2023

Where:InterContinental Resort, Balaclava Fort, Mauritius

The vision of Collective Action

The conference’s core objective is to ignite collaboration across boundaries and foster harmonious interactions among a diverse group of stakeholders. The theme “Unity in Partnership” highlights the belief in the transformative power of collective action. The gathering will focus on discussing opportunities, but also talk about taking steps towards realizing the objectives.

Guests, Speakers, and Distinguished Participants

With more than 100 organizations, over 48 esteemed speakers, 400+ attendees and 100+ CEOs in attendance, the Africa Partnership Conference is set to be a gathering of minds, ideas, and opportunities. It will bring together thought-leaders, decision-makers, and visionaries from various sectors to discuss, strategize and shape the future of investment in Africa.

Opportunities Abound

  1. Discover the burgeoning investment and business opportunities emerging in African markers, making it an exciting frontier for growth.

  2. This event will facilitate engaging conversations about latest trends and developments in Africa, with a special focus on how Trade Finance can facilitate Sustainable & Inclusive Investment.

  3. Everyone there, will be able to network and partner, meet potential joint and strategic partners who share the vision for Africa’s growth and prosperity.

  4. Promote Collaboration among Investment Promotion Agencies, with the aim of optimizing Africa’s growth potential.

  5. This a very good chance to network with leaders from Africa and across the globe, helping to build bridges for future cooperation.

  6. The right set of circumstances to contribute to the development of a sustainable and inclusive investment and trade financing value chain, paving the way for lasting impact.

The Africa Partnership Conference is not just a summit, it’s a catalyst for change. It’s an opportunity for individuals and organizations to come together, share insights, and shape the trajectory of investment in Africa. By emphasizing on unity and shared commitments, this conference sets the stage for strategic partnerships that will drive Africa towards an inclusive future for sustainable growth, innovation, and collective progress.

As the event approaches, at INLEX MEA, we are looking forward to participate and make the best out of it. The world will be watching as leaders from Africa and around the globe gather to discuss Africa’s current trends and future. Will you be part of this transformative journey too? We’ll see you there!

The Africa Partnership Conference awaits, and it’s time to unlock Africa’s boundless potential.

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